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so i heard you guys like sad gavins

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Trucy Wright: Myubi
Photographer: Snow Photography

Ema Skye: Ray
Photographer: Snow Photography

Dick Gumshoe: Felipe
Photographer: Snow Photography

Mia Fey: Rin
Maya Fey: Fy
Phographer: Snow Photography

Godot: Gau
Mia Fey: Rin
Photographer: Snow Photography

Lamiroir: Momito
Photographer: Snow Photography

Ema Skye:sanxian aka Turnabout Art
Photographer: Snow Photography

My first paid photoshoot! *-* We had 3 photographers at the photoshoot, these photos are from just one of them. I’ll post photos of my friends and when I get the photos from the other photographers I’ll postem them here as well! =D



me too, edgeworth

did i mention i really love that text post meme

Phoenix stop saying shit already

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Omg what

Cosplayer: Joss Nostalgia
Character/Series: Orla Shipley/Ace Attorney 5 (DLC Case)
Photographer: Julio’s Photography

updated with way better information because my kindle couldn’t figure out how links worked

Seriously guy go check her facebook page for more Orla photos THIS IS TOO CUTE

AttorneyCon @ Anime Friends 2014! =DD

  • AJ!Ema Skye: Me!
  • AAI!Ema Skye: Ray
  • Lamiroir: Momito
  • Godot: Gau
  • Mia Fey: Rin
  • Maya Fey: Fy
  • Dick Gumshoe: Felipe
  • Trucy Wright: Taty Shikura

Taken from CosplayBrasil

RP blog for Neil Marshall added to the RP List!


Dear Anonymous,

After all the years Mr. Wright has taken off my life, the least he could do is defend it.

-The Judge

Anime Friends 2014 with my bros! Better photos soon~