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50 Female Characters by 50 Female Artists

Shameless self promotion~

50 brazilian female artists joined together to create artworks of 50 female characters. The collab was released on March, 8th, in the International Women’s Day.

I had the honor of being invited to participate in this collab, and my character was Xena! I felt really nostalgic drawing her.

Check all the artworks on GirlPowerCollab

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lady-storms! They’re still just sketches though. And the first pic is a WIP. 

I’ve been contemplating the idea that Kay really wanted to go through her All Girl Yatagarasu plan. So after high school, she spent most of her time studying law in college and was later mentored by Edgeworth and perhaps Franziska. 

During this time Kay kept in contact with Ema and became close buddies.

And sometime during their studies, Kay wanted to recruit Ema into her Yatagarasu once she felt that she was trustworthy enough and she also knew she was studying into forensics meaning that she’ll still be involved in law and crime. After much MUCH thought, Ema accepted.

Together, using connections (because having close friends of the law has MANY perks) they would thoroughly research about recent crimes, company conspiracies and crime rings while physically and mentally training themselves (mostly Kay because she would do most of the sneaking stuff) with simulations) At the same time Kay would look for one final member to the group.

And Kay found it a huge plus that Ema became a homicide detective instead (though she had very mixed feelings about it because she rooted for Ema all the way and upsetted her that Ema didn’t get her dream job.)

And how they found their third member was how the games usually go. Kay first meets Athena on her second case as Prosecutor Faraday (with Ema working on the case with her), she realized Athena’s potential and did whatever she could to coerce her into joining the Yatagarasu. This was a very long process but eventually Athena joined the Yatagarasu because of  Phoenix and Edgeworth’s encouragement (with him telling Nick the events that occurred in AAI and what the Yatagarasu stood for.) 

I’m still working the kinks out of it but that’s basically what I got so far. 

I also just wanted to draw Kay as a prosecutor.


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Hi there everyone! I’m Regina Berry, animal tamer at the Berry Big Circus! You all should come see my show some time!

((Independent RP blog for Regina Berry from Ace Attorney: Justice for All and Ace Attorney Investigations 2.))


and there it is-

Maya Fey ballgown!

I found this a lot more difficult to design than the other ones, but then again it is a lot more complicated and detailed than a lot of the other designs, but I’m really really pleased with the results. 

and I also really like the fake watercolour look here, too. definitely going to be using those brush settings again.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Heey vai ter algum grupo de cosplay de aa pro anime friends?
turnabout-art turnabout-art Said:

A princípio não temos planos! O grupo de AA existe firme e forte, mas talvez não usemos esses cos na AF.

A pic of my twin sister and I from SDCC 2013.
We never got the chance to have a proper shoot together. But we have this great selfie pic~! :D And we think our expressions match the Fey sisters.
Myself as Mia and my sister Domjiji as Maya


aggressively reads fics

though i spoiled the end by drawing it HAHA SWEATS… kristoph aftermath


some  Klavier Gavin  Ema Skye doodles.///-w-///

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I still want an ace detective game so bad

make it happen capcom


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bird loving husbando


Simon in Lon’qu’s clothes because I have the drawing power


I promise this is the last crossover I’ll do

the babies as if they were from fire emblem