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Anju & Kafei - The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

The Legend of Zelda: An Art Tribute

My contribution to this tribute to one of the most beloved video game series, and a personal favorite of mine.

Over a hundred brazilian artists and fans of the series contributed to this collaboration. Check all artworks on the link above!

Self-promotion~! If you love Zelda, check the link above!

Today at the subway I saw this guy who would look perfect as Daryan

Not that he had the dick hair or anything and he wasn’t particularly handsome (but tbh I don’t imagine irl Daryan to be handsome in a traditional way anyway)

But wow I couldn’t help but stare for a moment


shut up wright


so i started 3rd game today


god, they’re like big dumb babies


looking for a murder weapon like


I couldn’t drag out finishing Lana’s trial any longer and finally finished it the other day and now I’m a mess. 

(via snackooqueen)


i colored something, bury me

(via achtungdiva)

Maya from my cosplay group is studying in Japan and she went to Tokyo Game Show and MET SHU TAKUMI THERE AND





May I ask where you got the wig for your Ema cosplay? I pulled together a quick Ema cosplay for Otakon this year, but didn't have time to get a wig, so I was a short-haired Ema. I still had a lot of fun, but I'd like to improve my outfit for future cons.
turnabout-art turnabout-art Said:

I bought my wig at http://stores.ebay.com/C-C-KIDS-store - it’s a wig for Reimu Hakurei from Touhou. This store is really good!

I think the wig they currently have in stock is slightly different, but if I’m not mistaken they can make custom wigs upon request…? In case you can’t find one exactly the way you want, perhaps you could order a long brown wig with a ponytail clip of the same color!

Also, it might be difficult to find a wig of the exact length you need, so I suggest you buy a longer one and cut it - I took mine to a professional hairstylist because I’m not too confident on my skills with a scissor.

Hope this helps!

Dude your Ema Skye cosplay is absolutely perfect. Like omg I love it so much. Good job.
turnabout-art turnabout-art Said:

Thanks! ;-; I’m very happy with it too, I’ve been a cosplayer for almost 10 years but this is my first decent looking cosplay.

I guess a good wig really makes a difference!

PHOTO: Riyagi

These are basically the same photos as before, but from a different photographer~

I wanted to adjust the colors a bit but I still don’t have Photoshop in my new computer .-.

And that’s all I’ve got of my Ema cosplay~ I want to make another AA character eventually, but I have no idea of who should I do ‘~’


Dear Thalassa,

Don’t worry, he’s still alive.

He’s pretty banged up, though.  Believe it or not, he went back for a girl and shielded her from the rubble with his own body.  That’s quite a boy you have there.

But I hope this spurs you to tell him he really is your boy.  For better or worse he deserves to know.  So does Trucy.  You already know I don’t like keeping the smokescreen going.

My mom fussed over me every time I scraped my knees.  Maybe his should too?

-Phoenix Wright


Dear Badge Lover,

Well of course I have.

One of the first things a lawyer should do is present his badge to everyone he meets.

Did… did you want to see it too?

-Phoenix Wright